About the workshop

“How can the African-European cooperation in climate change and sustainable energy be strengthened and where are the chances, constraints and needs?”

The R&I partnership ‘Climate Change and Sustainable Energy’ of the AU-EU High-Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation (HLPD) will discuss with the workshop´s participants in four break-out sessions the necessary actions and responsibilities to be tackled

  1. Knowledge & research
  2. Technology development and demonstration & innovative markets
  3. Capacity building, social sciences, humanities & resilience behaviour
  4. Good governance and policies

The workshop is considered a follow-up of the first CCSE workshop which took place in February 2021 and focused on climate change and sustainable energy in relation to COVID-19 recovery and resilience packages as well as the health-energy climate nexus.

The event will involve research and international institutions, academia, funding agencies, the private sector and policy makers to provide guidance for future cooperation.

Please find the agenda here